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Our Commitment to You

Michalek & Harrington is committed to assisting our clients with any and all legal matters they face throughout their lives. As a result, many of our clients have been with us for many years. We believe communication is the key to serving you well. We will work with you and answer your questions, giving each case the attention it deserves. Every call, email, and fax is returned as quickly as possible. Call us today for any and all of your legal needs.

Michalek & Harrington of West Seneca, New York, provide attorney services in the areas of family, criminal, and real estate law to clients throughout Western New York.

Let our family handle ALL your family’s legal needs.

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Our Services

We have real experience in many areas of law. Click on the categories below to learn more.

  • DWI, Criminal & Traffic Matters

    Michalek & Harrington of West Seneca, NY has the criminal law experience to help you.  We have experience defending clients accused of crimes, experience as prosecutors in the Erie County District Attorney's Office, and experience prosecuting high profile criminals through Grand Jury presentment and trials.  Our history as prosecutors provides a unique perspective and knowledge of criminal defense that we use to our clients' advantage.


    DWI, Driving While Intoxicated, is a criminal offense that is taken very seriously by the Courts of the State of New York.  A conviction for DWI

    imposes standard sentencing guidelines that the courts will follow. Judges can impose those penalties as they see fit.  A plea or a conviction to DWI can have far reaching consequences.  If you are on  your second or third offense, those penalties are much greater.


    With years of experience defending DWI clients and prosecuting DWI cases for the District Attorney's Office, we offer criminal law experience that you can trust.  We have the knowledge and experience to deal with the prosecutors and police. Our office has been successful in achieving


    DWI acquittals where our clients were found Not Guilty and all charges were dismissed!


    We can also assist you in routine traffic matters.  Did you know that a speeding ticket can have far reaching consequences?  A plea of guilty to a speeding ticket can result in points on your driver's license.  If you exceed a certain number of points over a period of time, your license may be suspended.  This may also result in increased car insurance premiums.

  • Matrimonial & Family Law

    Michalek & Harrington of West Seneca, NY represents both men and women who are looking to resolve their family issues. We handle Matrimonial proceedings, as well as Family Court Matters, including child custody, visitation, and child support matters.  We are also experienced in matters of Abuse and Neglect, including dealing with County Social Workers and County Attorneys.  Jeffrey Harrington was named the Assigned Counsel Program's Family Court Attorney of the Year in 2016, for his work with assigned Family Court Clients.

    Experienced in Family Court and Supreme Court, our attorneys are here to help you. We review property settlement and child custody agreements, as well.  If you are about to be married and are considering how your nuptials will affect your financial situation, please contact us.  It is important to know how marriage affects finances and how to protect assets which you have worked hard to build.

    We can also assist you in post-matrimonial matters, such as Qualified Domestic Relations Orders for pensions; matters concerning maintenance, and other enforcement issues.

  • Real Estate Law

    Michalek & Harrington in West Seneca, NY can assist you in all of your real estate matters.  We handle both Commercial Real Estate and Residential Real Estate.  If you are buying or selling a home that is "For Sale by Owner," we can draft your contract for you, as well as handle important contract negotiations.    If you are buying or selling a property which is listed by a Real Estate agent, we review your contract with you, so that you feel comfortable knowing the terms and conditions of your real estate transaction.

    We review contracts, mortgage commitment letters, appraisals, and many other real estate matters, from your decision to sign a contract, to appearing at your closing with you, and matters post closing, as well.


    We also have extensive experience in commercial real estate matters.  Commercial lending institutions have many requirements.  We can assist you in completing all of the bank requirements which are necessary in a commercial closing.

    We also draft leases for both commercial and residential rental estate properties.  Whether or not you have a lease, if you need assistance in evicting tenants, we can assist in evictions proceedings as well.


  • Wills & Estate Law

    Michalek & Harrington in West Seneca, NY can handle all of your estate planning for you.  If you are in need of a simple Will, or something more complicated to meet the needs of your family, we can give you the peace of mind for which you are seeking.


    Powers of Attorney are essential legal documents which every individual should strongly consider.  We draft Powers of Attorney, as well as review these legal documents with you, so that you can completely understand these matters, and plan for your future.

    We also handle Life Estates, which transfer property during your lifetime, but allow you to maintain any property tax exemptions and also allow loved ones to potentially avoid probating an Estate after your death, which can be a complicated process.


    If you have just lost a loved one and are unsure how to proceed, please call our office. We can guide you through the Surrogate process.

  • Bankruptcy Law

    Michalek & Harrington in West Seneca, NY can help alleviate your financial burdens through Bankruptcy.  We handle Chapter 7, Chapter 9, and Chapter 11 Bankruptcies.  Call us today to discuss which option is right for you.


    Michalek & Harrington in West Seneca, NY can help you with your personal injury claim. Whether you are seriously injured in a car, a fall, or in another manner, we can assist you in filing a lawsuit to protect your rights and get you the best possible results!  With no consultation fee, feel free to call us today to discuss your case.

About Us

As local attorneys in West Seneca, NY, Michalek & Harrington employs a professional legal team that is available to assist with representation in any kind of case.  Our firm does not limit our practice to one specialty, because your life is not driven by classifications.  Today, perhaps you need an attorney to help you draft your Last Will and Testament.  Next month, you my be facing a Divorce or child custody issue.  Our goal is to be your legal partners for life, assisting you in any legal needs you may come across.  We hope that you will find comfort in knowing that your lawyers, with whom you have built a relationship over the years, will be there to help you through each legal matter.


Located in West Seneca, NY, we've proudly served the Counties of Erie, Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, Niagara, and Wyoming for more than 40 years.  When you choose us, you can rest assured that you are choosing experienced, professional local attorneys to help with your legal needs.  Each attorney in our office is devoted to serving our clients with individualized care and attention.

In 1974, the firm was founded by Paul M. Michalek.  Before starting his own practice, Paul served as an Assistant District Attorney for Erie County.  Over the course of his legal career, Paul has handled nearly all types of legal matters, including Matrimonial and criminal matters.  In 1998, his daughter, Jane Michalek Harrington, and son in law, Jeffrey Harrington graduated from University of Buffalo Law School, took the NYS Bar Examination, and joined the practice.  Jane concentrates on matters of Real Estate, Wills and Estates, and Contracts.  Jeffrey focuses on Family Court Matters, as well as Bankruptcies.  In 2016, Jeffrey was named Family Court Attorney of the  Year by the Erie County Assigned Counsel Program.


With our focus on serving all of your family's legal needs, we can provide counsel for all of life's predictable legal needs (real estate, Wills, and estates),  as well as life's unpredictable legal needs, such as divorce, criminal matters, bankruptcies, and personal injury.  We try and take the time to get to know our clients, so that we can answer their legal needs as they arise.  There is a trust in the client/attorney relationship which results from the atmosphere created by the fact that the family is in practice together, and our firm is able to provide such a wide variety of services.

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